Return Policy & Refunds


All orders can be cancelled until they are shipped. If your order has been paid and you need to change or cancel it, please contact us. Note that after the packaging and shipping process has begun, it cannot be stopped any longer. Please note that we do charge an order cancellation fee of 5% + €3.00 to cover the cost are charged by PayPal and Stripe on all transactions, even those that are refunded.


We strive to keep our customers satisfied. This means you may request a reshipment or refund for any ordered products if:

  • You did not receive them within the guaranteed delivery time.
  • You received the wrong item**
  • You received an item that was damaged or broken**
  • You do not want the product you received, although you need to return the item at your own expense and the item must be unused. We do charge a 5% + €3.00 restocking fee

We do not issue a refund if:

  • Your order did not arrive due to factors that are within your own control, e.g. you having provided the wrong shipping address
  • Your order did not arrive due to exceptional circumstances which are beyond our control, e.g. your order was not cleared by the local customs, the product you ordered was not approved by your local customs, or the delay is caused by a natural disaster
  • You refuse to accept your order upon delivery or you do not pick it up at the local post

* You can submit a refund request within 15 days after the guaranteed period for delivery 75 days has expired. You can do it by sending a us a message on our Contact page, emailing us, or by sending a chat message.

** For the wrong product or a damaged item, please send us pictures of the item to help expedite the process. For a missing item, please make sure the item was not placed on a backorder and/or sent in a separate parcel.


For returns, please observe that:


      • Our customers have the right to return any ordered product without any reason within 15 days from delivery, but you will need to contact us first to receive the return address

      • You will need to pay for the return shipment, unless:


            • there is clear you received the wrong product or a damaged item upon arrival. A lab test is generally needed as evidence that a product is of “poor quality” or “fake”

        • You need provide us with a photocopy of the return shipping label receipt, which shows the shipping address and tracking number

        • The item must be unused and packaged well. Note that we do charge a 5% + €3.00 restocking fee

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